「华富财经杰出企业大奖」的评审团由华富财经编辑部、研究部团队,以及一班独立的经济分析师组成。在收集各界提名後,每家得奖企业均递交基本资料和自我评价报告以作评选。评审团再依据八大范畴,包括: 产品及服务、品牌形象、管治方针、市场推广、发展策略和潜力、业内成绩、企业社会责任,以及独特之经营理念或发展等,从各行业中选出具代表性的企业接受嘉许并颁发奖座以作表彰。

「华富财经杰出企业大奖 2017」重要日期



开幕辞 - 黄伟诚先生

中国泛海金融 首席营运及风控总监


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening and welcome to the ninth annual Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards! First of all, I would like to congratulate all the award winners, for they have made remarkable achievements in their respective sectors in the past year.

Since 2009, the Awards has been recognizing the outstanding performances of distinguishable enterprises and praising businesses that have demonstrated a role model for continuous improvement. Quamnet, in the past year, has been identifying enterprises having magnificent achievements, the good practice has elevated the standard of outstanding enterprise.

This year, the awarded companies come from various sectors, demonstrating the multi-dimensional development of Hong Kong business operation that no places could offer in Asia. The wide spectrum of awarded companies showed that Hong Kong provides an ideal business environment to businesses and enterprises for further development and going global.

With this year’s theme of “Dedication to Achievement”, we strongly believe that enterprises have shown their determination to achieve success and creating values for business community and society as a whole with their capability and commitments in sustainable development.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation towards this year’s outstanding enterprises, please join me in congratulating for their exceptional achievements.

Wish you all have a wonderful time tonight.


感谢辞 - 胡国才先生

中国泛海金融 首席财务官


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you all for joining us tonight to share the great joy and achievement of these outstanding enterprises. Here, I would like to thank the outstanding enterprises for demonstrating excellence. Congratulations again to all winners.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the guests of honour, Ms Jeanne Lee, Dr Victor Lee, Mr Li Chan Wing, Mr Benny Mau, Mr Charles Mok, Mr Vincent Tang, Dr. Gordon Tsui and Mr Mike Wong, friends from the business community and the media for celebrating the 9th year of Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards.

Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards has been organizing for the 9th year. It is a great pleasure to witness the growing number of outstanding companies being recognized and acknowledged throughout the years. Each of the winning companies is a role model in their respective industries. The Awards have set a benchmark for both the industry and the business community to become aware of the efforts of the awarded companies, in turn, it enhances Hong Kong’s long-established image of business and financial center in the world. We truly believe both the business community and the awarded companies will benefit from the distinguished awards.

In the end, I would like to congratulate the Quamnet team for preparing and hosting of the award, we look forward to welcoming each of you back next year to celebrate the Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2018.

Wish you all a prosperous and successful year of 2018.

Thanks you very much.


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